Greater Red Musk Shrew

Scientific Name
Crocidura flavescens

Common Names
Greater Musk Shrew, Groter rooikeerbek


Close Relatives

The Greater Red Musk Shrew (or also known as Groter rooikeerbek) is a large species of shrew. An average of 16 cm in length, the tail a further 5 or 6 cms, and weighing around 20-30 grams. As the name suggests, it is reddish-brown in colour. It has grey-brown underparts.

It feeds mainly on insects, but has also been known to take small mice or other rodents.

The Greater Red Musk Shrew as its name suggests has lateral glands, they emit a very strong odour. The shrew uses this sent to mark territorial boundaries.

This particular species is endemic to South Africa.