Vervet Monkey

Scientific Name
Chlorocebus pygerythrus

Common Names


Close Relatives

The vervet monkey is known as an Old Work Monkey, simply a common name for members of the family Cercopithecidae.

They inhabit East Africa near a source of water, and of course trees. prior classification Cercopithecus aethiops.

A Vervet Monkey ranges from a medium to large African monkey,

It grows to approximately 46 to 66 cm (18 to 26 inches) in size and weights around 3 to 8 kilos (7 to 17 pouinds). They are grey or slightly greenish-grey in colour, however the face, hands, feet and the tip of their tail are black. They also have a white band on their forehead which makes them easily identifiable.

They feed on leaves, flowers, fruit and other such vegetarian foods, however they also consume small insects to small birds or rodents.

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