Scientific Name
Aepyceros melampus

Common Names


Close Relatives

The impala lives in wide open plains in Africa, in herds of near a hundred.

They consume grass and leaves, or what is readily available. These animals move frequently, and consume what is available in the area they are inhabiting at the time.

The female impalas do not have horns. The male impalas horns are a symbol of his maturity. Stronger males dominate the herds, and the weaker males are forced to live in what is known as bachelor herds. They stay on the outside of the herd.

During mating season, the dominant male will take his pick in mating. When he has finished mating, they will usually let the weaker males have their turn at mating.

Did you know? Impala’s have a scent gland above their hoof. They can roam great distances, and follow their scent trail back to their herd.

Did you know? Female impalas outnumber males two to one.

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