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Africa is the most ecologically diverse continent on the planet. There is good reason for this phenomenally huge number of animals that live on this continent. At African Fauna, you can learn about interesting animals that are found on this continent. Discover what makes African wildlife unique and get quick facts, information as well as places where you can see these animals. Read latest news from the wildlife blog and share your opinion about recent wildlife discoveries.

You are certainly going to like the journey through the wild world of the African continent. If you would like to plan a wildlife safari to see some of these animals, we have some safari offers as well as a listing of some outfitters that can organize a great holiday for you.
Enjoy the journey through the wild.

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About Us

The African Fauna was built as a virtual home for all African wildlife fans. To get you settled in, we’ve made it simple for you to add comments to any page, ask all those wildlife questions you’ve been dying to have answered, and even post you own photos.

Our aim: Still in its infancy, our African Fauna aims to eventually cover all of Africa’s wildlife. Our species guide is growing daily and aims to catalogue as many of Africa’s animals as possible, from the smallest bug through to the chubbiest whale.

Our photo essays offer unique and amazing observations on animal behavior and our wildlife articles offer information on everything from how zebras got their stripes to discussions on elephant hunting lions.

What makes the AWG unique?

The African Fauna started in 2004 and for the past 15 years we have been compiling field observations and studies of wildlife throughout Africa. Our focus is on first hand observations of African wildlife. We’ve taken all the photos, documented all the first hand species observations, and finally stuck it all together in a neatly packaged site, so that we can share our love and knowledge of African wildlife with the world.