African Hyena

Scientific Name
Crocuta Crocuta

Common Names


Close Relatives

The Hyena weighs approx 50 kilograms, is stocky and has extremely powerful jaws, especially in relation to its size. Hyenas are found spread over the African Savannah south of the Sahara Desert.

They have many amazing traits, one of them being the laughing type sounds they make. They laugh this sound when they are defending their territory. Hyenas are curious animals, and have many myths. One such long standing myth is Hyenas were scavengers. This is incorrect, they can in fact bring down prey as large as a Zebra. They hunt their own food, but they will also feed on carrion.

They live in dens or dips in the ground with shelter. They are pack animals, and hunt in packs during the night. They choose their prey and will chase it until it is exhausted. Once it is exhausted the pack of Hyenas will attack the animal and feed.

Spotted Hyena

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