Scientific Name
Pedetes capensis
Common Names

Close Relatives

The springhare is currently (2003) listed as a vulnerable species. It inhabits South Africa, and is also known by the name Springhaas. Amongst its predators are snakes, weasels, jackals and man.

The springhare is around 35-45 cms in length, and weighs an average of 3 kgs. Their long tail is another 36-47 cms in length. The colour can vary from a red-brown to a pale grey. The tip of their tails are black.

The springhare has more developed hind legs than most other hares. Hence its name, the springhare has an extraordinarily good jumping ability. It can jump more than two metres in a single bound. They maintain a kangaroo like appearance with their over-developed hind legs.

They feed on plant matter, but have also been known to eat insects.

They breed mainly in the winter months July through August. The young stay in their burrows until they have grown to weigh over a kilogram or for around seven weeks.