Large Eared Free Tailed Bat

Scientific Name
Otomops martiensseni
Common Names


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The Large-eared Free-tailed Bat was first reported by Matschie in 1897. It was found in Tanzania, Tanga, Magrotto Plantation. It currently inhabits Angola, South Africa and Madagascar.

For a long time it was only known by a single specimen from the Durban area. More specimens have since been found, and the bat was not as rare as was first believed.

They are a large bat, weighing around 40 grams and about 15 cms in length. Their open wingspan is around 30 cms. They have distinctive features such as a long pig-like snout, and large forward facing ears which extend beyond their snout.

Another amazing feature that has been discovered about this bat is its unique echolocation calls. This special echolocation call allows these bats to recognize each other.

There has been very little research conducted into the life of this particular species of bat. One reason for this is they are very sparse. It is rare to find a specimen of this bat.