Kenyan rangers in Pursuit of Poaching Gang



The Kenya Wildlife Service has announced that its ranger service is in pursuit of an armed gang of possible 10 poachers who killed an entire family of elephants at Bisadi area of Tsavo East National Park. More details will be released when the situation of the current operation becomes clearer.

The family of 11 elephants were killed by poachers on Saturday and tusks were removed.

The number of the poaching gang was not immediately established but initial reports indicate that a gang of ten are believed to be behind the latest poaching incident in the vast protected area. At 22,000km2 Tsavo is the country largest single contiguous ecosystem and home to an estimated 13,000 elephant according to 2011 census.

The current chase involves a large unit of rangers on foot backed up by both canine units and aircraft.

KWS will be releasing further details later as they get reports back from the field.


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